Group Choreography

This additional open category is created to promote and celebrate the team work. Its winners won’t go to the Tango Buenos Aires Festival & World Cup in Buenos Aires but will be given the titles of the Canadian champions in this category. Unrestricted entry, amateurs and professionals. To be eligible to register, dancers must:

  • be 18 years or older by the start date of the local competition
  • demonstrate a minimum of 1 (one) year of residence within the area of influence of the Preliminary.

The choreographer or tango school presenting the team will also be recognized for this work. Creativity, team performance and imagination will be the major criteria for evaluation. The evaluation process will be the same as the official Tango Stage category. The team should included a minimum of 6 persons per team. The choreography should be performed on a tango song minimum of 3 minutes and maximum of 5, including the time of entering and exiting the stage. The team should have an official choreographer, one team per choreographer. If the team is represented by an official tango school, there is no limit on the quantity of teams to present by one school. During the competition In this category the participants will be able to express their personal view of Argentine tango. This means that couples will be allowed to perform movements, figures and applications that are not directly related to the traditional tango dance. But the choreography must include traditional elements of tango: figure eights, spins, long walks, voleos, hooks, and the “milonguero embrace.” Couples will be able to break the embrace and use techniques from other dance disciplines, as long as they are justified and enrich the performance of the dancer. Aerial tricks and movements from other dance disciplines must not be excessive. This means that they must not exceed a third of the overall performance. The couples must include floor movement sequences throughout the whole stage floor. If a technical problem should occur, the Jury will evaluate the repetition of the choreography at the end of the assigned performing time slot. In case of having a problem with the choreography, the couples will decide whether to continue dancing or not, and the Jury will evaluate the manner and grace with which they solve the inconvenience; but the couples will not be allowed to repeat the performance. The team must be available during the days of competition in Montreal on July 27-29, 2018, in the presence of the official committee of Judges accredited by TANGO BA Buenos Aires under the Supervision of BA Referee (Veedor).

  • July 27th, 2018
  • July 28th, 2018

Timeline Schedule Link

Judging criteria

1) Each couple of the group should follow the same criteria as the Tango Escenario category

2) In addition, the Jury will evaluate the team performance and the quality of the group choreography.

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Register to Group Choreography

Competing a team of 6 people Official category competition registration fee: Group Choreography
Super Early Bird Special March 1st – May 20th Relax May 21st to June 12th Last Registration Period June 13th to June 30th – July 12th closing date
$280.00+tx $290.00+tx $380.00+tx
Preparation, pre-evaluation and practice programs are offered by participating tango schools and recognized by Tango Canada Championship. You can consult the list and obtain that support.


Registrations / Inscriptions remplace
>>English>> Each category needs an individual application. You must check-in 2 hours before the competition. You have to bring your passport (or other ID), proof of legal residency in Canada for more than 1 year and the proof of age (older than 18 years). It is your responsibility to have a valid passport if you win and will have to travel to Buenos Aires. >>Français>> Chaque catégorie a besoin d'une application individuelle. Vous devez vous enregistrer 2 heures avant la compétition. Vous devez apporter votre passeport (ou autre pièce d'identité), une preuve de résidence légale au Canada pendant plus d'un an et la preuve d'âge (plus de 18 ans). Il est de votre responsabilité d'avoir un passeport valide si vous gagnez et devrez vous rendre à Buenos Aires.
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