Monica Parra


Professional dancer and teacher of Argentine Tango, she shared with Carlos GAVITO exhibitions Master and film “Exiled in the sky”, also participated in the film school Orchestra Si sos brujo. She has participated in international festivals in Argentina Tango, Rio de Janeiro, Sweden, Greece, Germany, Bulgaria, France, Netherlands, Russia, Austria among others .. She had performances with Sexteto Mayor and the color Orquesta Tango, Los Reyes of the Tango, sextet milonguero etc. in the milongas and scenes of Buenos Aires and the world. She has been teaching in Buenos Aires since 1996, giving classes and seminars in very prestigious milongas, including the Canning Room where she has regular classes. She has her own tango academy in the city of Lobos, province of Buenos Aires where she also organizes the tango milonga once a month .. Since 2005, he is sworn? in the World Championship and Metropolitano Tango Tango Salon category in Buenos Aires and also participated as jury category tango salon and stage in Russia in 2013 convened by the International Tango Federation of Moscow. In 2011, she was part of the casting of Guevara Nacha’s work “Nacha is Tita” A life in tango time “as an actress and dancer doing the work done at the Metropolitan Theater in Corrientes Avenue. In 2012, she participated as a dancer in the program broadcast by Telefe, Graduates. In 2014, she was honored at the Reinas Poker event for her career among other outstanding dancers from country and country from abroad.