Fernanda Gui

Guillermo Merlo and his partner Fernanda Ghi, are unquestionably one of the most
prominent couples in the world of Argentine tango. Renowned for their elegant style, unique interpretation, creative choreography and powerful mastery of the stage, they are in constant demand around the world as performers and teachers.

The level of their talent is evident in the many stage productions they conceived,
produced, choreographed and starred, beginning with their show “Tango Dreams” in 2000. Never did the artists presented the same show twice – in each of the following eight years they created and produced completely original shows, all received with sold-out success.

In recognition of their superb artistry, they were invited to perform in concert with the New Mexico Symphony, the Long Beach Symphony and the Costa Mesa Symphony. In 2005 Fernanda and Guillermo were given the great honor to be the first non-Asians ever invited to perform along with Japan’s most important artists on stage at the Imperial Theater in Tokyo.

In addition to head-lining international tango and dance festivals for the last decade, they were the featured dancers on the PBS special “Tango Magic” with Pablo Zeigler and the Orpheus Orchestra. Guillermo was recipient of the 1997 and 1998 TONY for Best Choreography and together Fernanda and Guillermo were the first place winners of the World Argentine Tango Championship in 1999.

Their passion to elevate Tango for all tango dancers inspired them to make six volumes of instructional videos in 2000. In 2007 they produced a DVD that was the first tango instructional to focus on the specific physical training needed for dancing tango. In 2010 they produced “Music in Motion,” the first DVD for tango dancers and musicians.

In 2007 and 2008 tango lovers from all around the world gathered in Las Vegas to attend Fernanda and Guillermo’s International Tango Congress. Impressed by their talent and accomplishments, the Tulsa Ballet Company of Oklahoma, invited them to create a tango ballet for the season’s inaugural. Entitled “Tango, the Man and the Woman” the piece received outstanding reviews. Currently, they are on a successful tour of their new show “This is Tango Now: IDENTIDAD” which pushes the boundaries of tango music and dance as a genre.

Fernanda and Guillermo are constantly expanding the horizons of Tango. They are also focusing on their main objective, to create a School of Tango Art wherein writers, poets, musicians as well as dancers can explore the endless creative possibilities that the Tango offers. Fernanda and Guillermo reside in the United States.