Che Tangazo

Sexteto Che Tangazo de Montréal

The Argentinean tango championship in the official round of the World Cup of Tango argentina invites the pubulation canadience to participate in this world-caliber event, where they can hear the new sextet CHE TANGAZO DE MONTREAL.

JAVIER SÁNCHEZ – Bandoneon Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Javier Sánchez has been playing the bandoneon for over 25 years. Between 2005 and 2016, he has been a member of Latin Grammy Award nominee Rodolfo Mederos Orquesta Típica. Mr. Sánchez has toured the globe with well-known tango orchestras and tango companies such as Tango Pasion, Tanguera – Mora Godoy, Tango Emotion (returning to Japan for 5 consecutive years), among others. As an active musician in Argentina, Mr. Sánchez played in the most prestigious tango shows of Buenos Aires including El Viejo Almacén, Esquina de Carlos Gardel, Café Tortoni, Piazzolla Tango Theater, just to name a few. In 2016, he relocated to the New York metropolitan area and started collaborating with a variety of tango groups, among most noted are Aces of Rhythm directed by Pablo Aslan (debuted at Lincoln Center in July of 2017), Pan American Symphony Orchestra (Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.), and the Astoria Tango Orchestra led by Daniel Binelli (11 piece orchestra tipica). In August of the same year, he won the First Prize at the renowned Che Bandoneon International Competition judged by bandoneon legend Victor Lavallén. In the past two years Mr. Sanchez has also performed with many renown musicians such as Emilio Solla, Pedro Giraudo, and Sergio Buslje just to name a few.

PABLO SEIB – contrabass,

Sebatian Verdugo Piano,

Carril viola,

Luis Grinhauz violin,

Grégor Monlun violin.


(Pugliese) La Mariposa Zum Chique Gallo ciego La yumba Recuerdo Mala junta Negracha (Di Sarli) Milonguero viejo Organito de la tarde Bahia Blanca Cafe Dominguez La puñalada Corralera La trampera Desde el alma El aeroplano Corazon de oro (Darienzo) El entrerriano Loca Pampa La Cumparsita

PUBLIC registration

Here are the different packages offered by TANGO CANADA CHAMPIONSHIP to attend the various activities from July 27 to 29, 2018.

Milongas package
If you buy the tickets for the three milongas the fare is 100.00 $ / pers.
If you buy for one or two milongas, the cost of the ticket is $ 40.00 / pers. by milonga.
There will be demos every night and on Friday night you will have the opportunity to be photographed with the various dancers invited.

1 milonga 40.00 $ / pers.
2 milongas 80.00 $ / pers.
3 milongas 100.00 $ / pers.

Package competitions / dinners / milongas / shows (The total)
On Saturdays and Sundays, we serve you a typical Argentinian dinner during the different competitions. Following the competitions, there will be the milonga and the show of the invited dancers. If you buy a ticket for both days, the price is 220.00 $ / pers. This package includes Friday night milonga and these privileges.
If you buy a ticket for one day only (Half-package), the price is 120.00 $ / pers. and not include the opening milonga. And by adding the opening milonga, the price is 150.00 $ / pers.

Package Total $ 220.00 / pers.
Half-package (without opening milonga) 120.00 $ / pers.
Half-package (with opening milonga) 150.00 $ / pers.

Note that alcohol is not included with dinner.

Package competitions / milongas / shows
This package includes the two days of competitions, the three milongas and the performances of the invited dancers. The price is 180.00 $ / pers. If you buy a ticket for a day (Saturday or Sunday) without the opening milonga, the cost is 90.00 $ / pers. And if you add the milonga of Friday, the ticket goes to 120.00 $ / pers.

Package 3/4 180.00 $ / pers.
Package 3/4 (without opening milonga) 90.00 $ / pers.
Package 3/4 (with milonga of opening) 120.00 $ / pers.